Dr. Zamora has been treating patients in Sarasota and the surrounding area for over 36 years. Patients come to his practice with all types of skin conditions ranging from rashes, moles and sun damage to skin cancer. Now the practice is expanding!

Dr. Zamora is very excited to announce the addition of Shelly Hansel, PA-C to the practice. To learn more about Shelly please click here.

‍‍‍Services ‍‍‍offered by our p‍‍‍roviders include:

  • General Dermatology
  • Laser Surgery
  • Botox Therapy
  • V‍‍‍ein Injections
  • Glycolic Acid Peels
  • Juvederm
  • Rad‍‍‍iesse‍‍‍


  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Acne Treatment
  • Eczema T‍‍‍reatment
  • Psoriasis Treatment
  • Wart Removal
  • Cosmetic Surgery

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Sarasota Juvederm

Juvederm® Vollure is a hyaluronic corrosive filler used to diminish lines and wrinkles that show up amid early indications of maturing. This filler was made to explicitly treat nasolabial folds and doll lines, which show up around the nose and mouth.

Amid treatment, Juvederm® Vollure will be infused into the focused on ranges utilizing a fine needle. Since Vollure contains lidocaine, patients don't as a rule feel uneasiness. Medicines generally take around 15 minutes to finish.

Since Juvederm® is produced using hyaluronic corrosive, it attempts to recharge dampness in the skin. This enhances solidness and volume in the skin for an energetic appearance. The remarkable gel recipe likewise helps with including unpretentious volume in the face, while as yet enabling normal facial developments to be made.

There is no downtime required after treatment. Following infusions, patients may encounter gentle redness, wounding, and swelling at the treatment site, however this should resolve rapidly. Juvederm® Vollure results can last up to year and a half, making it the longest-enduring filler available for the redress of lines and overlap.

On the off chance that you wish to dispose of lines and overlays around your nose and mouth, without the downtime, Juvederm® Vollure might be for you.

In Sarasota You Can Get Juvederrm® for:

  • Cheeks

  • Eyes

  • Juveder‍rm For Lips

  • Smile linees

  • are more...

Sarasota Photody‍‍‍‍‍‍namic Therapy

Photodynamic treatment requires three parts photosensitizer, light source, and oxygen.

Photosensitizers are topically connected arrangements that reason certain sorts of unusual cells to create light-retaining particles called porphyrins. This change enables the light treatment to focus on the strange cells that are adding to the skin break out.

The utilization of photosensitizers recognizes PDT from different types of phototherapy.

Subsequent to applying a topical photosensitizer, a medicinal light source is centered around the skin to initiate it. This light source may give blue light, red light, or serious beat light (IPL). A specialist will choose what light source is best for the person. Consolidated with the photosensitizer and the nearness of oxygen, the light obliterates skin inflammation cells and microscopic organisms.

Photodynamic treatment additionally diminishes the size and movement of the oil-creating organs on the skin, known as the sebaceous organs.

Overactivity and aggravation of these organs add to skin break out improvement.

In Sarasota You Can Get Photodynamic Therapy For:

  • acne

  • acne scars

  • skin cancer

  • and more...

‍‍‍Sarasota Restylane

Radiesse dermal filler is an injectable for facial overlap and wrinkles. Calcium Hydroxylapatite has a past filled with safe use in otology (ears), laryngeal (vocal harmonies), and dental and orthopedic applications.

Once infused, Radiesse dermal filler instantly adds totality to your face giving you a noticeable outcome at the primary treatment session. Radiesse filler contains microspheres made of a characteristic material called Calcium Hydroxylapatite in a water based gel bearer. Radiesse dermal filler is utilized to fill direct to extreme facial wrinkles and overlap, for example, nasolabial folds (the wrinkles that stretch out from the side of your nose to the edge of your mouth). Radiesse filler won't right the hidden causes. In spite of the fact that treatment impacts will vary for every individual, in a clinical report, Radiesse dermal filler kept going up to a year.

Whenever infused, Radiesse gives a platform to your body to fabricate its own collagen and considers collagen interlacing, keeping the hands feeling delicate and common. With a basic infusion and no downtime, hands turn out to be immediately stout and energetic with comes about enduring up to a year or more.

In Sarasota, You Can Get Restylane For:

  • ‍‍Chin

  • Hands

  • Radiesse for Lips

  • and more...

Sarasota Facial & Skin Peels

A peel is an item that is put all over and, as the name infers, is peeled off. These should be possible at home with an over the counter item, yet the best peels are those that are performed in the workplace of a dermatologist or aesthetician.

A concoction peel utilizes some sort of substance arrangement (there are an assortment of peels you can get) to enhance the skin. They smooth skin by evacuating the external layers, which clutch harm and are regularly unpleasant and dry. Many individuals can profit by a peel, however those with pimples or skin inflammation, uneven skin shading and winkles are destined to look for peels the most. These individuals will likewise determine the most advantage.

Glycolic corrosive peels are just a compound peel that highlights glycolic corrosive as the fundamental segment.

Glycolic corrosive is right now a prevalent treatment for winkles and skin break out. Some portion of the alpha hydroxyl group of normal fixings, glycolic corrosive is gotten from sugar stick and is a natural product corrosive. At the point when connected to the skin, it evacuates the "paste" that holds the more seasoned, rougher and dryer skin at first glance. When it evacuates that best layer of skin, the new, new layer is obvious. It's this layer that is without harm and which looks fresher.

Individuals who have glycolic corrosive peels are regularly astonished with the outcomes – they look more youthful, with less almost negligible differences and wrinkles and on the off chance that they have skin inflammation, they frequently see their skin is a considerable amount less slick and is much clearer.

You may choose to have a peel done when you have restorative surgery performed, however it's not important to join the two. A compound peel can be performed without having some other restorative surgery performed, and keeping in mind that it can create great outcomes, a glycolic corrosive (or other) peel isn't intended to replace a cosmetic touch up or other corrective surgery.

When you choose to have a glycolic corrosive peel, you will visit with a plastic specialist, aesthetician or other skin master. In the event that you settle on a glycolic corrosive peel, you are having a genuinely light peel done that will more often than not bring about barely any, reactions.

A light layer of the peel is connected to your face and left for a timeframe that will rely upon the specific peel you are having, the purposes behind having it and the individual who is playing out the peel.

The peel is expelled and you are allowed to leave the workplace. With a light peel like a glycolic corrosive peel, there is no genuine recuperation time and no agony relievers are important. On the off chance that you do feel any uneasiness amid the strategy (which would likely just be marginally disturbance to the skin) you may be given a Tylenol or Motrin.

In Sarasota You Can Get Glycolic Peels for:

  • Acne scars

  • stretch marks

  • looking youthful

  • and more...

Sarasota Laser Therapy & Laser Surgery

Laser treatments are medicinal medications that utilization concentrated light. Not at all like most light sources, light from a laser is tuned to particular wavelengths. This enables it to be engaged into effective pillars. Laser light is intense to the point that it can be utilized to shape precious stones or cut steel.

In prescription, lasers enable specialists to work at elevated amounts of accuracy by concentrating on a little zone, harming less of the encompassing tissue. In the event that you have laser treatment, you may encounter less agony, swelling, and scarring than with conventional surgery. Be that as it may, laser treatment can be costly and require rehashed medications.

Plan ahead to guarantee that you have room schedule-wise to recoup after the operation. Additionally ensure somebody can take you home from the strategy. You will probably still be affected by anesthesia or prescriptions.

A couple of days before the surgery, you might be encouraged to avoid potential risk, for example, ceasing any medicines that can influence blood coagulating, for example, blood thinners.

In Sarasota You Can Get Laser Therapy For:

  • ‍‍Hair removal

  • Laser therapy for pain

  • Low level therapy services

  • Surgery

  • Scars on the face

  • Laser surgery for acne

  • L‍‍‍aser surgery for acne scars

  • Tattoo removal

  • and more...‍‍‍

Sarasota Allergy Testing

A skin prick test, likewise called a cut or scratch test, checks for prompt unfavorably susceptible responses to upwards of 40 unique substances without a moment's delay. This test is generally done to recognize hypersensitivities to dust, form, pet dander, tidy vermin and sustenances. In grown-ups, the test is generally done on the lower arm. Kids might be tried on the upper back.

Hypersensitivity skin tests aren't excruciating. This kind of testing utilizes needles (lancets) that scarcely enter the skin's surface. You won't drain or feel more than gentle, transitory distress.

Subsequent to cleaning the test site with liquor, the medical caretaker draws little checks on your skin and applies a drop of allergen extricate alongside each stamp. He or she at that point utilizes a lancet to prick the concentrates into the skin's surface. Another lancet is utilized for every allergen.

In Sarasota You Can Get Allergy:

  • Testing against pets

  • Testing for kids

  • and more...

Sarasota Botox Injection

Botox injections stops signals from the nerves to the muscles. The infused muscle can't contract. That influences the wrinkles to unwind and mollify.

Botox is regularly utilized on temple lines, crow's feet (lines around the eye), and scowl lines. Wrinkles caused by sun harm and gravity won't react to Botox.

Getting Botox takes just a couple of minutes and doesn't require anesthesia. Botox is infused with a fine needle into particular muscles with just minor inconvenience.

It by and large takes 7 to 14 days to produce full results, and it is best to maintain a strategic distance from liquor beginning no less than one week before the method. You ought to likewise quit taking headache medicine and calming prescriptions two weeks previously treatment to diminish wounding.

In Sarasota You Can Get:

  • Botox injection to look younger

  • Wrinkles

  • Forehead

  • and more...

Sarasota Eczema Treatment

The way to remaining solid while living with skin inflammation is to monitor indications. That is the reason it's great to think about the ordinary "triggers" in your surroundings — like dry skin, aggravations, allergens and stress — that may influence you or your kid's dermatitis to erupt, or deteriorate.

Much of the time dermatitis is reasonable, particularly with an appropriate healthy skin schedule. This incorporates showering and saturating day by day, now and then in blend with physician endorsed pharmaceuticals as well as option treatments.

In Sarasota you can get eczema treatment for:

  • Body

  • Scalp

  • and more...