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    ‍‍‍Dr. Zamora’s Philoso‍‍‍phy

    Dr.‍‍‍ Zamora has developed a philosophy of skin care and treatment over the course of ‍‍‍his 36+ years treating patients from Bradenton, Sarasota and Venice, as well as those who are referred from other physicians across the U.S. This p‍‍‍hilosophy puts the patient first and also encourages the patient to be an active participant in their care. Some of the things that are stressed in Dr. Zamora’s office include:

    • Patients are seen promptly for their appointments
    • Appointments are generally scheduled within one to two weeks after calling
    • Dr. Zamora sees all patients personally
    • Dr. Zamora performs all procedures personally
    • All patient phone calls are usually answered personally that same day
    • Questions from patients are encouraged
    • Treatment plans are designed specifically for each patient

    Dr. Zamora’s years of practice allow him to confidently diagnose and treat a large variety of skin disorders. In addition, by attending the annual American Academy of Dermatology meeting and other local meetings regularly, as well as reading the latest medical journals, Dr. Zamora stays current with cutting edge information and techniques in his field. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of care offered in the practice.

    By following these procedures, we hope that your visit to our office will be both pleasant and educational. We certainly appreciate input from our patients concerning our office facilities and level of care. We hope to see you soon.