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    Sarasota Psoriasis Treatment

    Dr. Zamora received specialized training in phototherapy as a resident in Cleveland‍‍‍, Ohio. He took those skills and established the first phototherapy center in the area for treatment of psoriasis and other light-responsive skin diseases. He is well established as a local psoriasis expert, receiving referrals from major centers around the country.

    Dr. Zamora is one of the only dermatologists in the the Tampa and Sarasota, Florida area offering Narrowband UVB Phototherapy, generalized PUVA Therapy and hand and foot PUVA Therapy. Patients who have tried other treatments with minimal results will often respond to light therapy. Usually, a patient will go into a light box two to three times a week for a short amount of time. Treatments are done in the office, completely painless and covered by most insurance, including Medicar‍‍‍e. Some patients will need treatments for only a few months while others may need to continue indefinitely. Fortunately, they have been available for clinical use for many years and proven to be safe and effective for long term use.

    Dr. Zamora also combines other systemic therapies with light treatments for optimal outcome. Even t‍‍‍hough there is no cure for psoriasis, the use of innovative and combination therapy will improve this condition for most patients.

    “I started light therapy approximately three years ago. At that time I had large patches of psoriasis on the backs of both legs. Within two months of bi-weekly treatments the patches were gone. I have continued to do weekly treatments for the small patches on my elbows, knees, and ankles. I do find that if I skip sessions the patches increase. The staff is very pleasant, especially‍‍‍ Jennifer who gives me the treatments. I am very pleased that I started light treatment and will continue to do so.”

    ~Carmen S., Sarasota, FL‍‍‍